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I thought I was going to die!

Hello everyone, welcome to Kidron’s Health & Fitness tips my name is Kidron I am writing this and hoping it will be of great help to you. The reason I thought I was going to die is because I went to our company doctor about the really bad headaches I have been having.

When she took my blood pressure her eyes got big and she ran around to my other side to test my blood pressure in my other arm. The doctor told me my readings were 464 over 127. Most everyone understands that my readings were drop dead right now too high. More about that visit shortly.

Poor health has pledged me all of life.

Tuberculosis at age three put me in the quarantine ward for two weeks. Much later in my life doctors tell me not to donate blood because I could do that person more harm than good. TB remains in my blood in a dormant state. But any person that has been injected with my blood will develop TB.

As if that is not enough I have asthma problems, so no running no full contract sports. About 70 percent of asthmatics also have allergies. Most of my allergies are listed below.

I am the oldest of 5 children raised in a single parent household. So when mom was not home, guess who everyone came to? That would be me.

One activity I am able to do is reading.

My childhood was spent trying to avoid my breathing problems, that and reading. I never had to go to hospital from reading. I learned a lot from the books I would read. In those books, I would go on adventures all over the world. A fantastic way to escape my sickly life.

This went on for years,

the only way to live were emergency trips to hospital, where I was  treated with lots of medications. Plus the recovery time in hospital and at home took up much of my time. That and by helping my mom with raising my brothers and sisters it was easy to learn how to help others. Helping others is what I know how to do best. I have been doing that pretty much most all my life.

After spending too much time living in hospitals. One of my doctors, whom I had seen many times before, had me go through a series of tests to see what I might be allergic to because he was concerned about my long term health and long life.

I am allergic to:







◆Trees (Who is allergic to TREES? Me That’s who.),

◆Lactate intolerable,


◆The list goes on and on but I want to focus on MSG which I will explain  more about in a moment.

Where have I been?

◆Travel locations- All in my family were raised in and around SouthEastern Michigan,USA/Winsor Ontario CAN.

◆When I joined the USAF at age 19, I trained in Texas and was assigned to CCKAB Taiwan.

◆I have worked all over Michigan. Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, México, Guatemala, Hondas, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá, and now I am in The Royal Kingdom of Thailand.


I have had to take a very early retirement because of a spinal injury that left me unable to work in the Mechanical trades any longer. My surgeons told me I cannot even carry my own tool boxes, some of which weight 3/4s of my weight. While I was working several contracted jobs, I went back to college to complete my studies of Accounting. Taxation, International Banking, Computer Information Technology and Robotics.

I interrupt this long list

to tell you what the company doctor did to save my life. Doctor Hazel tried to reduce my blood pressure with drugs over a one and a half year time period. She finally was able to reduce my pressure down to near normal. My heroin Dr Hazel  told me I would be taking the drugs for the remainder of my life. YEAH RIGHT.

Shortly after that, I started researching for “what foods am I eating that are eating me”. I was trying to find a natural healthy approach to lower my high blood pressure. The drugs were costing me a ton of cash. At the top of the list is


to read all about Monosodium glutamate click here

More expert answers about monosodium glutamate click here

still more msgtruth.org click here There are many papers written on this subject.

When I first found out about this additive.

The first thing I did was to check my refrigerator and my food storage areas. I had to remove EVERYTHING from my tiny studio apartment because it had some form of MSG in it. How tiny is my tiny studio apartment?!? It is so small I have to go outside to change my mind.

Once I removed all of what was eating me and began to eat natural foods such as Garlic, Salads, Kale and even working a Paleo weight-reduction plan. There are many weight loss plans attempted by me, in the past but the weight usually came back over and over. Not anymore, from 300lbs/136.36kg., I lost  59lbs/26.82kg in 5 weeks and continued losing weight till now. 161.7lbs/seventy-three.5kg for the last 5 ½ years.

Doctors were treating me for HighBloodPress (464 over 127) however after the rapid weight loss the HBP went below normal. I had to stop using the medication for HPB because it was causing my blood pressure to be too low (70 over 40 ). None of the doctors ever asked me about a change in what I was eating. NOT one.

After years of research

into natural ways to extend human life, many trusted associates and myself work to supply you with the most current and relevant Tips to lead to a better and longer life. Kidron’s Health & Fitness tips will be sharing with you ways to help make your life and the life of those that you know of that could use this information.

Health and weight loss is a growing concern for all of us. From time to time one or more of our guest Speakers and/or guest Bloggers will cover different topics which we are sure you will enjoy. Be sure to visit our blog Share in the comments.Less stress,

I have learned is the best thing you can do for anyone. – to read more click here

“If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension. And if you didn’t ask me, I’d still have to say it.” – George F. Burns

10-simple-ways-to-live-a-less-stressful-life-click-here-to-read-more/ How do you keep the stress in your life to a manageable level? Share in the comments.


Eat Better and Stress Less: It’ll Make Your Cells (and Maybe You) Live Longer

For the first time, researchers show how a plant-based diet, stress management and other lifestyle changes may lead to longevity.

By Alice Park @aliceparknySept. 16, 201325 Comments


I have relocated to America Central because of the low cost of living, in addition to the list of reasons below.

  • Food grows everywhere.
  • There is no cold weather.
  • This area is a designated rain forest. It rains 8½ months out of the year. Consequently, there is plenty of water to make the vegetation plentiful as well as more than enough drinking water which is especially important to the population here in Costa Rica.
  • Because of the number of teachings, to what is good for extending life I have more ways to direct people to how to live better and more complete lives. I want to be the person you will depend on to give you the skinny on what is the best for long life.
  • While I am very pleased with the sites I get information from. Do your own home work. Check them out for yourself. Furthermore, a newsletter is being designed for Kidron’s Health & Fitness tips, also a RSS feed plus a membership division will be available for our loyal fans. So as often as you can think of it please return to this site to see how fast it grows as well as you can take advantage of the new additions to this site.

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